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At ALSR, we believe that an important part of our role is to provide our clients with insights into current issues and best practices. To that end, we write articles, sponsor research, survey best practices and host industry events. Visit this section of our site regularly for updates.

lenders repossession best practices

ALS Resolvion Announces New Platform for Community Forum, Lenders Repossession Best Practices

Charlotte, NC, October 01, 2019 – ALS Resolvion (ALSR), one of the nation’s leading skip trace and repossession management firms, has announced a transition of their popular community forum, Lenders Repossession Best Practices, the first lenders-only forum of its kind. The forum is a private community that is limited to individuals involved in collateral recovery…

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Interview with Michael Levison

An interview with Michael Levison, CEO ALS Resolvion Skip Trace & Repossession Management Services.

Interviewed by: Bob Rinaldi, LLC   This video series is about how technology is remaking the historically fractured market of repossession services.  Technology in this series is more of an overriding term for several capabilities that have come of age from the conceptual drawing board to tangible, useful, and paradigm changing applications.  The use of…
breaking news-mobile only forwarder

ALS Resolvion Becomes First Forwarder To Go “Mobile Only”

Charlotte, NC – ALS Resolvion, a leading provider of national repossession management services, today announced that it has fully implemented the industry’s first “mobile only” policy.  Under this new policy, ALSR will provide involuntary repossession assignments only to repossession agencies that are deploying mobile technology at the repo truck level.   The “mobile only” policy…
lpr staging

LPR Staging – Faster Recoveries, Higher Yields and Lower Costs

Over the past several years, the use of LPR technology has had a huge impact on auto recovery rates.  As the use of LPR has grown, lenders, forwarders and agents have gotten progressively better in using the data to improve performance and efficiency.   However, there is still one strategy for optimizing the use of…
Repo Industry Statistics

22 Repo Industry Statistics, Trends & Analysis

Article from:   The repo industry is involved in the business of repossession. When consumers default on a loan, such as a car loan, then a lien on that item can be activated. The consumer can be ordered to turn the product over because of the lien. Most owners refuse to do so. That’s…
impound poll image

Utilization of Impound Services – Survey of Lender Practices

Sponsored by: LinkedIn Group “Lenders Repossession Best Practices Forum” Powered by: ALS Resolvion   We asked over 3000 auto finance and lending professionals to participate in a quick survey about impound services and how it’s used for repossessions. We’ve complied the results and hope you find it very interesting. The responses are segmented by institution…
insurance managing risk

Managing Risk: Understanding Your Service Providers’ Insurance Coverages

There are few actions that a lender takes that has more potential for legal claims than a vehicle or collateral repossession. Ensuring that your service providers have the right types and amounts of insurance coverage is critical to managing the risk.  While your contracts may be clear that the service provider indemnifies your institution in…