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Using Data Analytics to Predict Auto Repossession Success

Using data analytics

Written by Steve Schroeder as part of the ALS Resolvion Insights Series Statement of the Problem Several factors converge to cause current and future constraints in the repossession industry that will impact lenders, forwarders (also known as repossession management companies) and agencies alike. These factors will continue to increase in relevance over the next five…

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Changes in the Asset Recovery Industry… “Alea Iacta Est”

Author: Ron L. Brown Source: CU Repossessions   In the last 10 years lending institutions and asset recovery agencies have seen numerous escalating changes related to the services, products and resources required to compete at the marketplace. The services the agency once used to allow a profit margin, towing, keys and storage fees have been taken/given…

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Coming Unhooked: The Growing Disconnect Between Lenders and Repo Agents

coming unhooked by auto finance news

Author: Marcie Belles Source: Auto Finance News   With auto loan delinquency rates rising, it would seem to be a good time to be a repossessor. But that’s not the case. Tow truck and vehicle insurance prices are climbing; license, bond, and other compliance-related costs are increasing; technology spending — to boost internal efficiencies and…

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