2018 Year in Review – The Road From Good to Great

ALSR Year in Review 2018

For ALS Resolvion, 2018 was the road from good to great. This slogan became our internal message to further drive results for our agents and clients. As we wrap up the year, we reflect on all the milestones that helped us accomplish “Great”. New integrations into RDN and Clearplan allowing us to simplify communication and…

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Auto Repossession: Personal Property & Redemption Infographic

personal property infographic

We surveyed over 100 auto lenders in regards to their personal property and redemption techniques. Take a look at the data we’ve gathered. 40% of lenders follow a fee model of which it’s set by the agent and collected by the agent 20% of lenders don’t allow personal property and redemption fees 15% of lenders…

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Auto Repossession: Vendor Score Carding Strategies

vendor score card infographic

We surveyed over 100 auto lenders in regards to vendor score carding strategies. Here’s a visual look of the results. 67% of auto lenders use nationwide repossession management companies to manage their asset recovery 70% score card their vendors while 30% don’t 78% give their repossession vendors score cards on a monthly basis 17% give…

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4 Trade-Offs Between Repossession Fees and Recovery Results

trade-offs between repossession fees and recovery results

Repossession services are available through multiple providers so why pay more than what the low-cost provider is willing to accept? The image illustrates four trade-offs between repossession fees and recovery results. When recovery fees are driven down to rock bottom levels, the service provider (whether a direct agent or a forwarder/skip company) is typically forced…

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LRBPF: Personal Property and Redemption Practices by Auto Lenders

Repossessions Personal Property and Redemption Practices

Did you know that over 40% of lenders don’t allow repo agents to  charge fees directly? We recently asked over several auto lending institutions to participate in a survey that covered the scope of allowable fees and institution practices. Each lender is a member of our LinkedIn Group “Lenders Repossession Best Practices Forum” (LRBPF). Over 50…

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Pre-Charge Off Skip Trace – Is It Worth The Money?


Available industry data is clear, if a repossession agent has not recovered a vehicle within 30 days of working it properly, the recovery rate after that point is typically in the 6%-9% range.  This reality provides a strong incentive to rotate the assignment to a different provider in order to improve the likelihood that a…

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LRBPF: Vendor Score Carding Strategies for Auto Lenders

auto lenders vendor score carding

The primary objective of our LinkedIn Group, Lender’s Repossession Best Practices Forum (LRBPF), is to provide members with insights on best practices and processes deployed by others. With that said, we recently surveyed over 100 lenders to gauge different score carding strategies.  The survey results were very informative and gave insight into different techniques used…

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Key Issues Surrounding All in One Repossession Pricing

all in one pricing auto repossession

When it comes to auto repossession services, all in one pricing can, indeed, offer benefits in these areas.  However, as many lenders have come to understand, it must be approached very carefully and requires fairly deep analytics to gain a clear view of where the pricing should fall. Here are the key issues surrounding an…

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How to Get More Out Of Your Skip Tracing

Get More Skip Tracing

Ask five people what the best skip trace tools and techniques are to find John Doe and you are likely to get five different answers. Why? It is relative. Searching for a missing child you’d likely have different time and money limitations than searching for a debtor to recover money or assets. Below are seven…

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