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Using Data Analytics to Predict Auto Repossession Success

Using data analytics

Written by Steve Schroeder as part of the ALS Resolvion Insights Series Statement of the Problem Several factors converge to cause current and future constraints in the repossession industry that will impact lenders, forwarders (also known as repossession management companies) and agencies alike. These factors will continue to increase in relevance over the next five…

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Repossession Compliance: Mobile Platforms Put the Goal Line In Sight

Repossession Compliance Mobile Platforms

Anyone that has been involved with the repossession industry over the past several years knows that the world looks very different today than pre CFPB. Most of the focus during this period has been on 3rd and 4th party oversight. Given the CFPB’s official position on vendor management, it is no longer acceptable to rely…

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Repo Agent Effort – In Today’s Environment, Expect To Get What You Pay For

repo agent effort

The relentless drive to reduce repossession related costs while, at the same time meeting the demands/expectations of regulators, may be catching up with us.  As one of the largest repossession management firms, we stay very close to the dynamics of the marketplace and we have become concerned about the current situation and even more concerned…

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Commercial Recovery: Local Agent vs Nationwide Repossession Management Firm

local repo agent vs repossession management firm

In this day and age, many heavy equipment and construction lenders still work directly with local repossession agents, rather than national firms, to find missing collateral.  While working directly with the agent assigned can, in some cases, speed up communication, a national provider of heavy equipment repossession services can offer significant benefits.  The remainder of…

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Personal Property & Redemption Fees: A HOT Topic in Auto Repossession

auto repo personal property redemption

Over the past year, the handling of personal property and redemption fees has become one of the hottest compliance topics in the industry.  It is on the radar screen of virtually every auto lender in the country, as well as the regulators.  Most of this interest is sparked by CFPB concerns over disparate treatment of…

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Recovery Solution: 4 Things to Know About LPR Staging

vehicle license plate recognition

It is important to understand that a true staging strategy involves capitalizing on real time (live) vehicles sightings vs. the use of historical LPR hits that occurred anywhere from several hours to several months ago. Over the past several years, the use of LPR technology has had a huge impact on recovery rates. Here are…

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5 Best Practices For Better Car Repossession Results

Repo Assignment Infographic

Here are 5 best practices to produce to the best auto repossession results! As one of the largest repossession management companies in the country, we work with some of the largest auto lenders in the country. We’re happy to share with you our experience as to what we see as the key components of a…

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Are You Buying a Repo Service or a Repo Result?

repossession service or result

Over the years, repossession and skip tracing services have come to be viewed somewhat as commodities by many in the lending community. As such, outside of compliance, the primary focus around the management of these services has been cost. After all, since these services are available through multiple providers, why pay more than what the…

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All-in-One Pricing Offers Potential Benefits But…

all in one repossession pricing

Over the past 12-18 months, there has been a real increase in interest by lenders around the idea of establishing “all in one pricing” (AiO) with their repossession forwarders.  Most of this interest has been spurred by concerns expressed by the CFPB regarding ancillary fees as well as a desire by lenders to simplify the…

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