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Repo Assignment Management Strategy – A Summary of Best Practices

repo assignment best practices

As one of the largest repossession management firms in the country, we work with most of the largest auto lenders in the country.  Doing so has given us deep insight into the strategies deployed by different lenders.   With many leading lenders, this strategy has been highly refined over the years and is constantly being tweaked…

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ALS Resolvion Announces Integration with Clearplan Platform- Enhancing Service and Compliance to its Clients

ALS Resolvion becomes the first repossession management firm to successfully integrate their in-house proprietary technology, WOMBAT, with the leading repossession agent workflow management platform, Clearplan. Clearplan optimizes repossession efforts by speeding up communications from the field and replacing paper routes into a real time digital map at the fingertips of the recovery agents. “The integration…

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